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Gita for Women

Bhagwad Gita for Woman Program

Woman has a vital role to play in any family, in the life of her husband, children, and in laws and others. It is said that the hand that moves the cradle can make or mar the world. Great leaders have had great mothers. Keeping this in view, in this program women are trained in various activities to become a ideal wife, a loving mother and a chaste and exemplary house maker to benefit home, nation and all humanity.


Objectives of the program

  • - Learn the basic philosophy of Krishna Consciousness and develop a taste for chanting, hearing and seva.
  • - Perform devotional activities like offering puja, maintaining deity, making garland, pure habits etc.
  • - Live a life of chastity, character, modesty, simplicity and similar values.
  • - Dealing with guests, elders, family members and others.
  • - Infuse the Vedic values in their own children to make them grow them as future devotees.


It is a weekly program especially designed for ladies of all ages groups who are interested to learn more about ancient Vedic philosophy and culture. It offers a forum for like-minded ladies to associate with each other.

Ladies of all age groups are invited to participate in the weekly forum. There will be a spiritual discourse followed by Krishna prasadam.


Program Details :

Time :  4:00pm – 5:00pm

Day :  Every Thursday and Every Ekadashi

Venue :  D-603, Pramukh Hills, Chharwada Road, Vapi

For more information please call :

Sanatani Vishakha Devi Dasi

Mobile : 85111 80551

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